New classes coming soon to an area near you!

So basically I’ll keep this short because it isn’t any real … well, it’s exciting but we’re not there yet.

Nexon’s new thing “Maplestory – Legend” involves the release of 3 characters in 3 parts.

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Something amazing just happened today. It was so epic that I have to post it here.

Well we all know that I finished the Saint Saver event.

Now guess what happened today when I found some pirate chests? I opened them and obtained a chaos scroll, an acc str 60%, and 2 acc atk 15%s.

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Cannon Shooters’ Best Friend

Cannon Shooters will be coming out early next month, and guess what Nexon’s doing? A welcoming event, of course.

I think this event is very good because of some interesting additions to the Item.wz

(Ohohohohoho I am so going to be rich)

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Summer’s here!

Summer is here! Along with it are a lot of new exciting events!

The archaeology event returns, as well as some new summer events~

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Dragon Nest

Nnn…. I have decided to also blog about Dragon Nest Korea. Dragon Nest is a dynamic 3D MMORPG by our good friend Nexon Korea.

The point of the game is, you fly around and spam arrows at stuff (at least it is for me)

I’m not too sure but it appears to be more addictive than Maplestory, but since there is a Fatigue system, one can only grind for like 1 hour a day. But if you’re the hardcore gamer, there are always other things to do…

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Events Past and Present…

What is an event? I think it’s a way to get rich quick. There are always events that are really really really awesome.

To truly find them… we must travel back through the fogs of memory….

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KMST 1.2.384 (Cannon Shooter)

Right, my first real post.

As we all know, the main point of this patch is cannon shooters. This class is already in KMST and will be in KMS very very soon. They are in general, a fun class with high defense. Exactly like mechanics, just more pirate-like.


Picture : Character Selection Screen. Note how Cannon Shooters are not Adventurers (?)

I made a level 122 Cannon Shooter. No level up npc so … ;(

Nexon hasn’t figured out everything for the Cannon Shooter yet. Cannons/Job Advances are available at an NPC, suggesting that Nexon is still working on them.

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Good day to you. Spadow has retired, so certain circumstances have combined to force me to start my own blog.

Hi. I am ThyArturia, a KMS player. My main characters includes my level 167 Paladin, ThyArturia, my 147 Mech, ThySaber, my 120 Striker, some random 126 Battlemage and countless mules.

Mwhahahaha time to replace Spadow ;3 (Lol jokes.)

I’m rather … useless at Korean, but with the help of my team fo experienced translators and other resources, we will pull through.

Today marks the beginning of this blog.