Events Past and Present…

What is an event? I think it’s a way to get rich quick. There are always events that are really really really awesome.

To truly find them… we must travel back through the fogs of memory….

It’s been several months since that fateful day. What have we been doing? Have we given up, or are we just lazy f**ks?

In the recent KMST patch, a summer event was added. I will talk about that more when it reaches the official server.

This, is my take on events. 532 Maple 8th Anniversary boxes, 4 Adv. Enhancement Scrolls, 25 Golden Hammer (50%s) and more…

Righto. Less showing off, more information.

The current event in the official server, well, several events, comprise of:

Archer Jump Event… Awesome! It’s the same as the others, except you get an EXP pendant at first job, for 30 days.

Jump Appreciation Event


Get ANY explorer to level 70 this month, to get this awesome 3 attack ring with 5% crit rate!

Surfboard Event

Seriously. Nexon. Well, I appreciate your good intentions.

Hunt mobs at specific areas and find surfboards! Event available till August.

As we can see here, the level 95 surfboard now drops from a bunch on monsters in a bunch of zones.

I can’t wait for the summer event, the rewards are real good (though not as good as Saint Saver)

I wonder how many 20% scrolls I can get from 532 maple boxes?…


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3 Responses to Events Past and Present…

  1. Mike says:

    this post is a lot easier on the eyes than the previous one (cannon shooter post). pictures do help a lot. haha. anyways at the moment i’m just waiting for info on Bowman Hero(ine). cannon shooter looks blah to me. haha.

  2. Fred says:

    very nice detailed post on your maple boxes, some better quality screenshots would be appreciated.

  3. Chuan Jun says:

    Less showing off and more details please@@

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