Dragon Nest

Nnn…. I have decided to also blog about Dragon Nest Korea. Dragon Nest is a dynamic 3D MMORPG by our good friend Nexon Korea.

The point of the game is, you fly around and spam arrows at stuff (at least it is for me)

I’m not too sure but it appears to be more addictive than Maplestory, but since there is a Fatigue system, one can only grind for like 1 hour a day. But if you’re the hardcore gamer, there are always other things to do…

And so, I heard a new class, the Academic, is well on its way here. It kind of reminds me of another class in one of Nexon’s games?

What’s with Nexon and cannons?


About thyarturia
A specialist in Nexon Korea games... Why not join KMS or DNKr today?

6 Responses to Dragon Nest

  1. Mike says:

    I heard that the american version won’t have that fatigue system. Anyways I was accepted to the beta. And if I like it I might quit maple

  2. Tralala says:

    Yay, I hope you continue your blog! With NA DN coming up, people will swarm in here soon enough 🙂

  3. Tralala says:

    Also, out of curiosity, are you an Acrobat or BM?

  4. msupdate says:

    Hmm, a cannon user, huh? Sounds interesting. I’m starting to wonder what the content delay between DNKR and DNNA will be like. I hope it’s not more than 4-6 months.

  5. Blue says:

    Hi , im gaming DNKr, i find guild.

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