Summer’s here!

Summer is here! Along with it are a lot of new exciting events!

The archaeology event returns, as well as some new summer events~

I’ll explain the Archaeology 2011 event first…. wait. I’m pretty sure we had it already. Hmm….

Anyways, its back and better than ever! Guess what?

You don’t have to compete with other people anymore! All you have to do is to get 1000 points a day for 7 days to fully appreciate the event!

That’s right. On the first day, you get a starter medal. On the second day, you get a time limited hat/glasses. For the 3rd to 5th days, you get a nice box. On the 6th day, you get to choose the hat or the glasses for perm, and on the 7th day, you get a Allstats + 3, speed/jump + 15, Mp/Hp+100, Weapon/Magic Def+100, AND Magic Atk/Weapon Atk + 2 medal….

The box contains Random Scroll, Chaos Scroll, Awesome campfire chair, Personality trait items and some interesting pots.

It’s Summer!

Yes it is! That’s why our friendly NPCs need to cool down with some watermelons and sundaes!

Help them cool down for 7 days and get some nice rewards!

Day 1 ; 100 Red bean sundaes. Day 3, 100 power elixirs. Day 5, 1 Adv. Enhancement scroll. Day 7, a 30 day Face acc giving Allstats+5, 10 M/W def, and 30 Acc/Avoid. They’re all untradable.

Sundaes? I want! It appears the monsters are also feeling the heat and they’re dropping ingredients at a map near you! (Or your level, should I say, unless you’re 150+)

How to grow Watermelons~

A new item pot has appeared – the watermelon! Feed it, love it, eat it for a nice buff!

If you’re under level 30, enjoy Weapon/Magic Atk + 20 and 200 extra M/W def and 500 Hp for 1 hour!

If you’re  level 31-50, enjoy Weapon/Magic Atk + 30 and 300 extra M/W def and 1000 Hp for 1 hour!

If you’re above level 70, enjoy Weapon/Magic Atk + 40 and 400 extra M/W def and 1500 Hp for 1 hour!

Also, you get rewards ;<

Day 1 : As shown above, you get a nice title above your head (Disclaimer: NX and glittering eyes not included)

Day 3: Wow! That’s a lot of power elixirs!

Day 5: A scroll version of VIP teleport rock.

Day 7: A 30 day pendant that has 5 Atk/Matk along with 50 M/W Def and 10 speed, 8 jump.

I don’t really like this event. No golden hammers to farm~


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3 Responses to Summer’s here!

  1. msupdate says:

    I can’t wait to see what later Summer updates will be like.

  2. Mike says:

    I just want bow hero

  3. I want to see the new summer updates, I can’t wait!

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