Cannon Shooters’ Best Friend

Cannon Shooters will be coming out early next month, and guess what Nexon’s doing? A welcoming event, of course.

I think this event is very good because of some interesting additions to the Item.wz

(Ohohohohoho I am so going to be rich)

First of all, allow me to introduce the very new Events tab.

What is it? It’s an events tab. It can be accessed though the Menu.

Now, onto a very nice event that I will surely fully take advantage of, the Pirate’s Treasure.

Quite self explanatory. Hunt for pirate kings near your level and get some rewards!

Some of you will see Pet Acc Atk/Matk scrolls, Acc Atk/Matk Scrolls and Chaos scrolls, and some of you will say “Wow Arturia is poor! He wants 10만 coins! (100k)” But that’s not all this event promises to give…

 해적왕의 금화 <1000만 메소>

This is in Item.wz. It’s a coin that NPCs for 10,000,000 mesos. I’m off to kill some pirate bosses now~

Level up your Cannon Shooter with potions event!

Every 10 minutes, you may accept a quest to hunt map fragments from monsters. By doing so, you will get a Cannon Shooter Special EXP potion!

This potion can be used up to 100 times on one Cannon Shooter, and it gives 10% Exp to Players under level 50, 5% exp to players between level 50 and 99, and does nothing for higher leveled Cannon Shooters. You can only trade to another character in your account.

Mini Hot Time Login Event Without the SP Reset and Good Rewards

On the 25/6 and 2/7, login to get 2 x 1 hour 1.5x EXP buffs along with one safety charm.

And… so…. Go kill those pirate bosses!


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3 Responses to Cannon Shooters’ Best Friend

  1. ZEHAHAHAHA says:

    Can’t wait to make one in GMS =D. So when’s the legendary archer and resistance warrior going to be announced? O_o

    • tori says:

      HaHa this wont come to gms for till atleast late december (gms already said we will be getting 3 new chars by the end of the year)

  2. msupdate says:

    Good event :). I hope Nexon America does this when we get Cannon Shooters.

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