New classes coming soon to an area near you!

So basically I’ll keep this short because it isn’t any real … well, it’s exciting but we’re not there yet.

Nexon’s new thing “Maplestory – Legend” involves the release of 3 characters in 3 parts.

The Cannon Shooter – Is already in KMST, set for release on the 7th of July

The Archer Hero – due for release on the 21st of July,

The Demon Slayer (Warrior Resistance) – out on the 4th of August!

These dates are for release into the OFFICIAL SERVER which means we will see them in KMST very very soon.

Cannon Shooters were in KMST a good month before the scheduled release into the official server, meaning the Archer Hero will be here in the next two weeks.

Of course, yours truly will be creating one.

Note: The archer hero is portrayed as female.. I wonder if this is the same as the class system in DN, where all archers are female.


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