KMST 1.2.389 – The Arrival of Mercedes

And then the highly anticpiated patch arrives. The Archer Hero – Mercedes, is here, wielding both her bows.

I’ve been busy testing out this new class, and I can safely tell you; it rocks!

Character Selection Screen

Sorry guys, I’m too lazy busy to post the skills but you can find them at Southperry.

Unlike the majority of other bloggers, I enjoy playing new hot OPed classes to 120! *Still too lazy to post Skills*

Instead, lets have some cool screenshots!

Picture : Multi Snipe sure does damage!

Picture : Looks hotter than a Bowmaster!

Picture : The Mercedes gang.

Review :

Mercedes is possibly the most fun class released in KMST now. Even though she has low HP and basically no defence, Mercedes does not use any potions at all. . No HP pots, nor MP pots. First off, a beginner skill recovers 5% of HP and MP every 5 seconds (passive). Everytime she attacks, 10% of the Max HP value is recovered. Sounds just like drain, right? Let’s calculate how many arrows Ring of Ishtar fires in one second – between 5-10. This means that as long as Mercedes is firing at a monster, and provided it does not 1 hit KO her, it is impossible to die. Of course, once you stop using Ring of Ishtar, things may get a bit dicey…

This class is very similar to a dual blade, but much more fun. Archers mainly lack speed but Mercedes flies around like a thief and has a skill similar to jetpack that propells her up ropes/climbable objects.

At first job, Mercedes learns a double shot that mobs and flashjump.

 Double Shot

At second job, Mercedes spams a chain of arrows (Cross piercing). It really reminds me of missiles… Of course, where would we go without Charge drive and aerial combos?

 Cross piercing. In reality. 4 arrows are fired in a chain.

 Aerial Combo (2nd Job). Only usable when enemies are in the air.

At third job, Mercedes receives a strafe that mobs (strike shot), along with many other skills to combo with.

 Strike Shot. A very reliable fast skill.

 Aerial shower. Jump and use the skill to spray some arrows!

 Gust Driver. A completely useless skill

 Cute summon. Does quite a lot of damage. A trio is summoned.

At fourth job, Mercedes discovers the beauty of her Hurricane (Ring of Ishtar) and Multi Snipe, which happens to do 999999 damage on normal monsters.

 Ring of Ishtar. Bawwww looks so nice.

Where would we be without a comprehensive video?


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3 Responses to KMST 1.2.389 – The Arrival of Mercedes

  1. icyme says:

    Idk about this class anymore… When it was announced, i said, “THATS TOO GIRLY FOR ME!!!”
    But now.. double huricanne, multi snipe, etc. it looks awesome. Cept for unicorns.
    I might play it when it comes to GMS but i will definitively play DEMON SLAYER!!!

    arturia, will u be “replacing” spadow for blogging? The website looks very simmilar.
    Looking forward to new posts from u. =D

  2. msupdate says:

    Hmm Mercedes really looks really really good… like REALLY. From what you’re saying it might just surpass Mechanics as my favorite class. I think I have a thing for classes that begin with ‘M’ O.O. Nah, I don’t like Marksmen -F3-.

  3. Mike says:

    I’m thinking of actually quitting my bowman for this. I love elfs and I love bows, although hers are more like cross bows. And I also liked dragons nest’s acrobat class and mercedes has all that goodness wrapped into one awesome package. Although my only complain are the gay unicorns

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