Nexon’s final scintillation.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the first action of a crazed Nexon Korea.

No Gap.

Basically, this event means that you will get a free Level 45 character, (3rd job too)

I bet you’re thinking

“Oh, you prolly need to buy 10000000 nx” or something, but this isn’t Nexon America.

 All you have to do is to have a level 24 + character.

That’s it.

I can not believe this. Basically, 99% of the Dragon Nest community will become level 45 instantly. What is Nexon thinking?!!!

Since I have two accounts, I can get two jump characters ;D

I’ll be trying a Wind Walker and Seleana (Fire Elemental Lord)

I was PvPing on my level 20 EL when I realised that I was doing 12k damage on level 50s.

I ended up with a 6-9 score, pretty good right?!

I can’t wait for this event. They get delivered on the 4th of August!

Also, on the 18th of July… a certain 13 year old girl with a cannon will be appearing.


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2 Responses to Nexon’s final scintillation.

  1. msupdate says:

    Am I reading this wrong because I’m pretty sure I’m reading you get a free level 45 3rd job character if you have a level 24 character on your account, but that can’t be right…

  2. mike says:

    Wow you haven’t posted anything in a while. Good to know you’re alive. And you are lucky, too bad nexon of america doesn’t do things like that for us

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