A New Direction

KMS is all good and fun but I’ve decided there’s no point in it anymore.

Having gotten my Demon Slayer to level 177 (quite a few months ago), I realised that I could get to level 200 within a month if I really wanted to.

This is because of the revamped PQ system, roughly 20% of the EXP needed to level from 199-200 in one day just from pqs!

Also, currently in KMST 1.2.411 is a giant Demon Slayer nerf! Oh no!

What have I been doing in the past couple of months? I ventured into the territory of Nexon Japan and Hangame Japan and had lots of fun in DIVINA, CSO, Lunia, Continent of the Ninth, Tartaros, TERA and Howling Sword. I’m currently looking at CBT and OBT Korean games. As I write, I am downloading ARGO OBT 🙂

I really liked TERA, and I’m looking to enter the next Beta phases for Blade and Soul and ArcheAge as well!

I’ll be back to blogging (hopefully) on all of the aforementioned games, not excluding Maplestory. I might have quit KMS but I never mentioned KMST, did I? 🙂

Speaking of KMST…. Here’s my new Phantom video! Credits to Youtube for muting audio 😦

Don’t forget to check out my Demon Slayer farewell video!



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