New classes coming soon to an area near you!

So basically I’ll keep this short because it isn’t any real … well, it’s exciting but we’re not there yet.

Nexon’s new thing “Maplestory – Legend” involves the release of 3 characters in 3 parts.

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KMST 1.2.384 (Cannon Shooter)

Right, my first real post.

As we all know, the main point of this patch is cannon shooters. This class is already in KMST and will be in KMS very very soon. They are in general, a fun class with high defense. Exactly like mechanics, just more pirate-like.


Picture : Character Selection Screen. Note how Cannon Shooters are not Adventurers (?)

I made a level 122 Cannon Shooter. No level up npc so … ;(

Nexon hasn’t figured out everything for the Cannon Shooter yet. Cannons/Job Advances are available at an NPC, suggesting that Nexon is still working on them.

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